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The Creativity Question

I’ve been thinking. Have you ever had one of those moments where, in what seems to present itself as a sudden flash of insight, you recognize that something you had previously considered unequivocally true …might not hold up quite so strongly? I have, and I’m still thinking about it, so I’d like to invite you on my journey up to this point. Among other things, schools should foster creativity, and there are very few people who would assert otherwise. Education reform speakers call for increased focus on creativity development, and the BC curriculum places creative thinking as an essential...

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Systemic Self-Assessment

One of the pillars of the modernized curriculum in British Columbia is the role of reflection and self-assessment. For this element to take root in schools, it needs to become part of the ethos, the culture of the school. This change does not happen through discussion. For the school to consistently develop and foster reflective practitioners who are placing learning at the center of all that they do, the school as a system must model this way of being. Systems, if left unchecked, take on a life of their own, often resulting in damage to the very area of...

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