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Names and Faces

Indigenous Perspectives is one of the core competencies in the modernized BC curriculum, also commonly known as the BC Ed Plan.  With deep respect, I share my story of growth in acknowledgement, affirmation, appreciation, and fledgling understanding of various indigenous communities in BC in the hope that my story can help others on this essential journey of reconciliation and regeneration. Click below to read my article in the February 2018 issue of SCSBC’s newsletter, The Link: Names and...

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What Happens When Students Plan Their Learning?

What is it like when a teacher crosses the threshold from holding a job to understanding their occupation as a calling with the potential to influence the lives of students now and in future generations? I was invited to share my story at TEDxAbbotsford, a local event that uses the TED conference format but is independently organized in Abbotsford, BC. The theme for the day was Trailblazing. This talk was recorded on September 23, 2017....

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A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Learning to design learning using a curriculum flexible enough to be open to improvement is the new reality. Learning to design learning using a curriculum adaptable to student needs and interests is the new provincial context. Learning to design learning that changes significantly each year based on the group of students’ Core Competency needs should be the goal of every educator in the province. Classrooms across British Columbia are implementing a modernized curriculum. This implementation is an ongoing process that involves a multi-year commitment to adjust the learning and teaching paradigm, a shift designed to better equip students for flourishing in our...

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Compliance Poster

Managing implementation is a challenge for all educators here in BC. This poster is designed to help you remember where emphasis needs to be placed. Since it is impossible to manage professional development and learning in all of these areas simultaneously, this graphic is intended to provide focus as you design a multi-year professional development process that your school can use to guide intentional implementation over time. In this way, you can ensure that your school stays compliant and your classroom true to your mission and articulated goals for learning. BC Curriculum Modernization Compliance Poster pdf Designed for print on 11 x 17 paper or...

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Combatting Implementation Fatigue

Learning is not linear. There is no straight line from ignorance to mastery. The assembly line works for non-thinking robots, not for the complex process of learning. This is especially the case when the learners are image bearers of a God who is revealed in the sometimes unexplainable complexities of life. This is where the simple child’s game of Snakes and Ladders is so profound. Why is it so easy to encourage students to take risks, to fail and slide down a snake, and yet refuse to encourage this in our own professional learning and within the learning culture...

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The BC ED Plan Paradigm Shift

One of the significant struggles for teachers, as they engage the BC Ed Plan, is to understand the role of Core Competencies. Helping teachers move from seeing teaching as the covering of content to teaching as facilitating competency development in students is the significant shift that needs to be made. We hope this short video can help educators develop a deeper understanding of the role of Core Competencies in the new BC Ed Plan. The BC Ed Plan Paradigm Shift from SCSBC on...

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Should Teachers Be Developing Their Core Competencies?

“For Christian educators, competency development as a focus for the BC Ed Plan is one the most exciting and significant professional gifts they will receive.” “If teachers are going to be able to plan for, assess and support the development of competency in their students, they must first become aware of competency development in their own life.” Read the full article in The Link Online, SCSBC’s quarterly newsletter: Should Teachers Be Developing Their Core...

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BC Ed Plan Guiding Questions

In a time of intense educational change in BC, teachers need to move past looking at learning plans that can be decided before the learning cycle begins. Planning moves from “This is what we do on the fifth day of class” to a design that highlights the non-negotiables of Core and Curricular Competency development. Learning has always been a process, a journey if you will.  Planning learning must mirror this reality. Teachers must move from creating a list of knowledge students must know to planning ideas of how students can apply knowledge. What better way to approach planning learning in BC than with questions. A curriculum built on inquiry needs to be planned using questions. Included is one list of questions teachers have been using to successfully plan learning. Starting with questions allows teachers to engage in discovery and mirrors recommended pedagogy while reorienting their thinking with the BC Ed Plan in mind....

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Learning Design Tool

There are a number of iterations available to help BC schools with the development of learning plans using the transformed curriculum.  The variety of iterations is exciting as it aligns with the government’s commitment to allow local communities to develop learning that best meets their needs.  Using the foundational documents of the new curriculum as a guide, schools can begin to imagine and design the most effective way to plan learning.  For some schools, this will be built on a multi-aged framework, for others, it will be framed as an extension of student inquiry where the learning design tool...

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