Author: Darren Spyksma

Questions – the New Template

There was a time when lecture, test, repeat was the framework for teaching. However, we are currently in a paradigmatic shift that centres around the competency development of the learner. As teachers reimagining teaching within this shift, we hear these two questions most: “Do you have a template we can use?” and “What is the template going to look like?” These are not educational questions. They are compliance questions and therefore cannot be the starting point when designing learning plans within this new paradigm. My article shows how teachers who embrace the concept of the guiding question will be able to navigate this new...

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A Distinctly Christian BC Ed Plan

Many schools are in the process of renewing their understanding of what makes Christian schools distinct. It is a process that is essential for all schools if they are going to make informed decisions that increase the power and potential of learning programs. The learning process is a journey. It is essential that we, as stakeholders in Christian education, work toward leading the journey of change toward distinctly engaged Christian education. A Distinctly Christian BC Education...

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