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The Adventure of Meaningful Learning

Where have five years gone? It feels like just yesterday, three weeks into the job, that I was standing in the parking lot of a hotel in Smithers, BC. As I pulled the hatch door of the rented minivan down to slam it, the unthinkable happened. It crashed directly down onto the head of then-boss Henry Contant. In the chaos of the moments that followed, as we tried to talk Henry into getting stitches, I wondered if I would still have a job at the end of the week. It is amazing how quickly five years pass when you...

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Architecture Always Wins

Have you ever heard students ask the question, “Will this be on the test?” and wondered about any more profound implications and the students’ motivations for asking? I have, and I believe we can learn something meaningful from thinking about it. As teachers within an academic setting, our first response to a question like this one is likely that of familiarity. We remember asking the same question when we attended school. We recall having a primary motivation in recognizing the need to arm ourselves with as much information as possible so that we might achieve the best outcomes possible...

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