Where have five years gone? It feels like just yesterday, three weeks into the job, that I was standing in the parking lot of a hotel in Smithers, BC. As I pulled the hatch door of the rented minivan down to slam it, the unthinkable happened. It crashed directly down onto the head of then-boss Henry Contant. In the chaos of the moments that followed, as we tried to talk Henry into getting stitches, I wondered if I would still have a job at the end of the week.

It is amazing how quickly five years pass when you are on an engaging learning adventure. The past five years have been full of changes, excitement, challenges and support. Through all the ups and downs, my greatest privilege is always the opportunity to learn from my interactions with many wonderful educators around the province, continent and world. As I hear stories, see examples and share in passionate dialogue about what is best for students, key themes emerge. Though not exhaustive, I hope that you find yourself in these themes and use them to support you and your teams as you engage more deeply with teaching Christianly and student learning.

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