There are a number of iterations available to help BC schools with the development of learning plans using the transformed curriculum.  The variety of iterations is exciting as it aligns with the government’s commitment to allow local communities to develop learning that best meets their needs.  Using the foundational documents of the new curriculum as a guide, schools can begin to imagine and design the most effective way to plan learning.  For some schools, this will be built on a multi-aged framework, for others, it will be framed as an extension of student inquiry where the learning design tool can only be used as the students engage with it.  No longer can teachers plan their year before the first bell goes, whatever tool teachers and schools choose to use, it needs to be flexible and open to iterations as students engage with the initial planning the teacher establishes.  Teacher expertise becomes paramount with this model as teachers now need to discern what the students are missing in their knowledge and skills rather than just working through the content because they have been told to.  Included is one such tool that is open to iterations.  My hope is that you use this tool as a working model in which you, as a teacher, can adjust to fit your classroom composition and community.  The goal is not to produce the tool, but rather use one tool as a springboard to a better more personalized tool for your school.